Story Writing in the Accounting Classroom


  • Michelle Susong Freeman East Tennessee State University
  • Mark Friedman University of Miami


A story is an established method of communicating fact, fiction, parable, and myth from cultural generation to generation. Is it possible to actively engage accounting students with content when the student becomes the storywriter? Can story writing by the student be an effective teaching tool, and should accounting professors consider its use in their classrooms? This archival research seeks to review the literature regarding the value of story writing as a pedagogical tool across academic disciplines in higher education, synthesize the findings of existing research and describe the uses, benefits and difficulties with using story writing in various accountancy classes across the curriculum.

Author Biography

  • Michelle Susong Freeman, East Tennessee State University

    Assistant Professor, Accounting College of Business and Technology

    Graduate Coordinator, M.Acc. program

    Research interests include accounting education, tax law changes, accounting updates







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Story Writing in the Accounting Classroom. (2020). The Accounting Educators’ Journal, 30.