AACSB International Accounting Accreditation:Benifits and Challenges


  • Catherine Green Gaharan
  • Michael A. Chiasson
  • Karen M. Foust
  • Shawn Mauldin


This analysis examines the immediate impact on accounting departments resulting from their seeking accounting accreditation. Survey results indicate, in part, that although the faculty exert considerable effort prior to and during the accreditation process to meet or exceed standards, they received only few immediate rewards for that effort. The departments did tend to experience significant changes during the accreditation process, including increases in intellectual contributions, in interactions with the profession, in advisory board involvement, and in curriculum improvements. However, few changes were found in faculty turnover, in promotion and tenure guidelines and in faculty teaching loads. Further results indicate an immediate impact on students. Because of the positive signaling effect, graduates from accredited accounting programs tend to find improved job placement opportunities. Finally, this study questions how accounting departments maintained the professionally qualification status of its faculty, whether other departments changed their curriculum, and other problems faced in the accreditation process.







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