The Accounting Educators' Journal

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Vol 23 (2013)

Table of Contents


Editorial Review Board Untitled PDF PDF
Mark Friedman
An Initial Placement Research Ranking of U.S. Accounting Doctoral Programs PDF
Amelia Annette Baldwin, Brad S. Trinkle
The Case of the Exxon Valdez: Reporting Contingent Liabilities for Potential Damage Awards pdf
Steven C Hall, Larry G. Carstenson, William W. Stammerjohan
Examining personal values and ethical behaviour perceptions between accounting and non-accounting students in the Caribbean PDF
Philmore Alleyne, Cheryl Cadogan-McClean, Ayodele Harper
Writing Audit Programs For Tests of Controls: A Practice-Based Pedagogical Approach PDF
Edmund Joseph Boyle, Scott Lloyd
Trends in Accounting-Education Publications By Authors From The United States Between 1966 And 2012 PDF
Richard Bernardi, Kimberly A. Zamojcin
Does The Path To Completion Of 150 Credit Hours Affect CPA Exam Pass Rates? PDF
Jason Joseph Haen, Amy Vandenberg, Lauren Janes, Katie Conlon

ISSN: 1041-0392